Big Freedia Brings A Reasonable Amount Of Ass To Kimmel

Sissy bounce emissary Big Freedia, the New Orleans sensation whose concert is something you absolutely should take your most prude friend to, made her network television debut on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Which is impressive booking! To know Freedia is to know that she worships at the altar of ass, and that this makes the prospect of a scrubbed-up Freedia performance a curious one. How would she handle it? By not handling it at all, it turns out, and I mean that literally: there were no hands on butts, and those butts were fully clothed (also a rarity for Freedia), but the bent-over choreography and “wobble wobble wobble” chants made it clear where Big Freedia comes from and what’s in store if you were to catch a show not on a TV set. All in all, it was a reasonable amount of behind for network TV, and it did well to frame Freedia’s butt-rap amalgam and charismatic gender-bent pied-piper routine. Watch her do “Excuse” and “Na Who Mad” below.


“Na Who Mad”