New Boston Spaceships Video – “How Wrong You Are”

With this year’s turn toward tape hiss and rusty-hinged rock sounds, it’s nice to hear something fresh from the voice that guided them all (all the time, listen to GBV all the time). It’s not like “hearing something new” from Bob Pollard has ever been a problem, but on “How Wrong You Are” the prolific lo-fi fountainhead is in rare form, delivering one of his more repeatable tracks in awhile with Boston Spaceships, his young project with John Moen and Chris Slusarenko. The forthcoming Zero To 99 is their third album since forming in 2008, because of course they’ve put out three albums in two years. “How Wrong” has Pollard’s voice in fine form, crafting a good hook around living like a stuntman, supporting all the ladies in his life, and still realizing there’s a lot he won’t know about the world, but the Chris Slusarenko, Sean Croghan, and Eric Pritchett-directed video is less about Bob and more about an unhinged town crier who just wants Boston Spaceships to go away. Of course, they’re helmed by one of the most prodigious songwriters in the history of ever, so guy should probably find a new cause to be on the wrong side of. (With that sort of fire and fervor, I’m thinking health care.)

Take it:

Boston Spaceships – “How Wrong You Are” (MP3)

That comes from Zero To 99 due 10/6 via Guided By Voices, Inc. Buy it at Robert Pollard’s webstore.