New CSS – “Rat Is Dead (Rage)”

Cansei de Ser Sexy came up a lot this past weekend while we roamed the Coachella grounds and reflected on last year’s (better, it’s true) fest — mostly for that meta indie moment when the band behind “Meeting Paris Hilton” met (and performed for) Paris Hilton. But the Brazilians’ set that day was typically raucous and awesome, a solid 45 minutes of CSS’s sexy fun tunes being further subjugated into revved up vamps for Lovefoxxx’s über charisma. We bring that up because things sound like they’re shifting for the group on their new tune “Rat Is Dead (Rage), from their forthcoming LP Donkey; it sounds like a “song” first, translucent wrapper for Lovefoxxx’s libido second. She’s actually singing! New wavey. Who knows what it’ll be like live, but for now it sounds like somebody’s toying with craft and tact in the studio.

CSS – Rat Is Dead (Rage)” (MP3)

Donkey is out 6/22 via Sub Pop.

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