Animal Collective’s Fall Plans

Depending on your indie-oriented-site-that-ranks-bands-on-ten-point-scales of choice, it seems Animal Collective are second only to Radiohead as the aughts’ most relevant band. And with the bevy of activity the Collective has lined up, they seem to be angling to extend that well into next year.

There’s something old: a reissue of the out-of-print 2003 album Campfire Songs, originally distributed by Catsup Plate, now being re-released under the auspices of their own label, Paw Tracks on 1/26/10. There’s something current, in the just announced “Brothersport” 10″ b/w a live “Bleeding.” But now it seems Avey, Geologist, Panda Bear (and possibly Deakin) are offering something new: Today all eyes are on this Amazon page which has an $11.38 pre-order price for something called Fall Be Kind, due on Domino 12/8 (via P4K). We’ve already had a Crack Box, so just maybe this is the new Animal Collective record you guys have been waiting so patiently these nine months for.

UPDATE: Fall Be Kind is an EP:

01 “Graze”
02 “What Would I Want Sky”
03 “Bleed”
04 “On A Highway”
05 “I Think I Can”

That’s still not all, though. Remember that experimental film the band’s been working on? It’s just about ready. The photo above comes from a lakeside chat we had with the band at this year’s ATP NY, where they discussed their plans for the movie, including possible hybrid performance/screenings … and the Sundance Film Festival:


AVEY: We were in the studio finishing mixing this past week this kind of movie thing that we’re doing. We were trying to get it finished because Danny, who we’re working with, the director, really wanted to submit it to the Sundance Festival, and the deadline is in a month or so, or two months. We were trying to make sure it got done for that.

GEOLOGIST: I think it’s in a week.

AVEY: Oh really? (Laughs) We’ve been working on it for almost three years or something like that. And we talk every year, it’s been like, “Oh yeah, we gotta get it done for the festival deadlines.” And we just haven’t been ready until this year. … We wanna kind of screen it around in theaters.

GEOLOGIST: We actually thought about not playing live tonight if we had gotten it closer to being done this week. We thought maybe we could just show up and play it on a movie screen here and that would be our performance.

STEREOGUM: Will you do any combined performances, of the DVD and you guys playing live over it?

PANDA: We talked about it.

AVEY: It would take a lot of practice. Just ’cause we’ve basically assembled all the music and sounds, kind of a little bit piece by piece, you know, and not really in a live sort of setting. Yeah, it would take a little bit of work. we could do it … for a good occasion. It would take a lot of planning for sure.

GEOLOGIST: There would be a lot of instruments onstage.


If you’re looking for the answer to “how could Animal Collective’s critical acclaim possibly get any bigger,” winning a Sundance film festival award would be it.