Stop Making Sense Turns 25, Comes To Blu-Ray

David Byrne’s still going strong. The forthcoming 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Edition of Stop Making Sense reminds you he’s been around longer than you. Talking Heads were clearly more than Byrne, but he’s often at the forefront of the action in the Jonathan Demme-directed concert film, which captured the band live over three nights at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood in December 1983 while they were promoting Speaking In Tongues. You know, “Psycho Killer,” “Burning Down The House,” “”This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody),” “Life During Wartime,” “Heaven,” “Once in a Lifetime,” and that giant hard-to-miss white suit. Stop was remastered for a re-release in 1999, and the Talking Heads — Byrne, Chris Frantz, Tina Weymouth and Jerry Harrison — did a press release at the time. There are clips floating around, but the Blu-ray release, remastered in high definition from a 35mm interpositive, includes the 90-minute conference in full. It also comes with two bonus songs “Cities” and “Big Business/I Zimbra,” the video short “David Byrne Interview … David Byrne,” storyboard/staging comparison, and trailers?. Going back to my original thought: This never-before-seen bit from the press conference gives you a sense of the band dynamic as they talk about their music’s funkiness and the fact that it didn’t seem especially ’80s or dated in 1999. Same goes for today.

As an overall refresher, here’s the 25h Anniversary Edition’s trailer:

Stop Making Sense (Blu-ray) is out 10/13 (tomorrow) via Palm Pictures. This clip’s from the earlier edition, but after all that, you should watch something in full: