New Nickel Eye Video – “You And Everyone Else”

Once Julian releases his Phrazes For The Young, all the Strokes save Valensi will have a side-project release under their vintage belts. (If not two.) Nikolai Fraiture helms Nickel Eye; “You And Everyone Else” sees the bassist on lead vocals, mixing a bit of Julian’s disaffected vocal delivery with a sorta Frank Black undercurrent. The track’s Roman Cortez-directed video sees a bunch of young lookers chatting it up on an online dating service, perplexing each other with verbatim quotes from the song. Fraiture isn’t one of them, of course (Strokes don’t need online dating to find mates). Instead he turns up when the dating service begins streaming a live Nickel Eye show, which finally brings a smile to the young hipsters’ faces. Nickel Eye is for virtual lovers.

The Time Of The Assassins is out via Rykodisc. Check the Ronson remix.