New Grooms Video – “Dreamsucker” (Stereogum Premiere)

Brooklyn post-Muggabears trio Grooms shoved a number of guitar angles into their SY-inflected noise-pop anthem “Dreamsucker” (and a lot of feedback into their cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game“). If you’re paying attention, “Dreamsucker,” a Rejoicer standout, takes time to absorb completely. Think Polvo or the aforementioned Youth group. It’s nice getting another entryway via the fine feathered wild kingdom animations in this Christy Pitre and Sara Odam-directed video. Even if it doesn’t make complete sense on a bong-free Friday afternoon.

In case you missed it before:

Grooms – “Dreamsucker” (MP3)

Rejoicer is out via 10/20 via Death By Audio.

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