Old Folks Review MGMT’s “Kids” Video

For every person that loved Ray Tintori’s video for MGMT’s “Kids,” there were two therapists sending their contact info to the monster-terrorized child’s mom. The little tyke looked terrified! So the old folks at Breakfast At Sulimay’s just filmed a very special video-review segment of their show, applying their usual brand of bran-muffin music crit to this Oracular Spectacular comment-baiting clip. Ann, Bill, and Joe are in agreement on this one. Ann’s face says it all. Joe could “find no value in it at all,” but that’s probably because he didn’t realize the mom is played by Joanna Newsom at first, either.

For the record, the band promises “no children were harmed in the making” of the video. But also, nobody defined “harmed.”