Stream Julia Holter Ekstasis

The outstanding new record from LA-based po-mo pop artist Julia Holter is freely streaming as of today. You should listen to it! Ekstasis is an inventive work from an artist that’s synthesizing some disparate worlds: electronic and Rhodes based music, madrigal styles and the sorts of modal melodies that color tonal palettes across Middle Eastern and Souteast Asian musics. It’s ambitious terrain, this sort of synthesis, and Holter manages to pull it off without pretense, and with a palpable sweetness and humanity despite a very cerebral, intellectualized approach to composition. It’s delicate and filigreed pop music that you can file between Julianna Barwick and Joanna Newsom, if you are filing things by first name or by sound. Go to NPR for an hour.

Ekstasis is out 3/12 via RVNG.

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