New Mountain Goats Video – “Lovecraft in Brooklyn” (Aesop Rock Remix)

John Darnielle and Aesop Rock teamed up in the past to bring us a cut of “Coffee,” and now it’s a twist on Heretic Pride’s sci-fi dropping “Lovecraft In Brooklyn.” Darnielle himself explains it at the Goats site:

…I gave Aesop Rock all the constituent parts of the song ‘Lovecraft in Brooklyn’ and told him ‘go nuts, why don’t you?’ It is with great pleasure that I present to you Aesop’s completely great from-the-ground-up remix and an accompanying video from the truly awesome Sketch Theatre.

We just jumped over to Sketch Theatre, where you can also see someone get their Bob Ross on to Mastodon. This high wire-act’s a bit slower and with fewer tattoos.

(Via P4K)

Aesop really loves the word “shrapnel.”

Heretic Pride is out via 4AD.