Is Pitchfork The New Rolling Stone?

I’ll let you know after this CMJ Panel…

Press Play: Rediscovering Music Journalism Online
Is Pitchfork the Rolling Stone of its generation? How did the small community of music blogs suddenly emerge as the hot place to discover new sounds? Has the print media dropped the ball, and if so, is music journalism’s future to be found online?
Moderator: Will Hermes Spin, Tracks
Panelists: Scott Plagenhoef – Managing Editor,; Matthew Perpetua Fluxblog; Mark Willett – Contributer, Music For Robots; Steve Manning – Director of Publicity, Sub Pop Records; Felice Ecker – Founder & Co-Owner, Girlie Action Media

Last night we got shut out of Bowery Ballroom, only to then get kidnapped by the booze bus.

Here are shitty photos I took of Ted Leo and Paybacks…

I’m not kidding about myspace. We went on the bus for a free beer and it unexpectedly started driving to the meatpacking district.

Some of you probably want a Britney Federline update…

Brit Brit and K-Fed have been MIA for a few days because they’re about to throw a week-long $5.4 million wedding party in Hawaii (they booked the entire Four Seasons in Hualelai). Will the couple will rap their vows and throw milkshakes at the guests? Stay tuned!