Metallica Are On A Mission

While we weren’t looking, Metallica launched and immediately took down the beta version of, a place where Lars says “people can kind of tune in every day, watch clips, contests, get updates for what’s going on with the record and kind of watch the last couple of months of song titles, album titles, final mixes” (via Blabbermouth). The site’s still down, but the project’s trailer and teaser have been YouTubed. Said trailer is a little odd and (gasp) indulgent, featuring a let-it-be-written-let-it-be-done “Creeping Death” reference, followed by a few minutes of self-congratulatory highlights not far from the site launch spotted on Videogum last week. Only this is somewhat cooler than the Tom Cruise thing, being that it actually has a point beyond sweet montage-masturbation. Also it features “Seek & Destroy” and “Battery” and not creepy Scientology music. So, double score.

But enough of why they once were awesome, and more of why they want you to believe they are awesome still: here’s some teaser footage for the behind-the-scenes site.

Yep, once again, Metallica is inviting you into their world, where people stop being polite and start being whiny multimillionaires with an increasingly out-of-touch world view. Some Kind Of Monster created some kind of monster, eh? It’s OK: Kill ‘Em All through …And Justice For All = we forgive you.

Metallica’s ninth album is expected to be out this September. Guess they’re done with those drum tracks, Dave.

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