New Cure Video – “The Only One”

There’s been plenty of discussion about the Cure’s new single “The Only One,” which won’t be the only one; the new album’s getting four singles before it’s out this fall. But we’re still absorbing this particularly poppy, suggestive jangle, Robert yowling and enjoying his loved one’s hips and lips, and the power they have over him. The song showed up live last year in Mexico, but now the song has an official video, and it’s a fairly straight-up performance clip, shot in b&w, but with plenty of colorful shapes on bald heads, hands, and guitars. Of course, at the center is Robert, looking relatively ageless, with his messy mop, eyeliner, and that coy boys-do-cry thing he does so well.

The more we hear this song, the more we like it. The second movement is kinda bland, but the rising falsetto and overall lustiness of it are definitely a hook. Also, watching this performance, it’s clear the busybody drums are mixed really low. Too bad.

“The Only One” is out now on Geffen. More to come regarding the album.

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