Björk VS Beyonce

Björk VS Beyonce

Crazy Björk blasts Beyonce for selling her soul to the devil (via Ireland Online).

“I love her voice, but maybe not what she stands for. I’m really pisssed off she’s doing all of those commercials. I can’t believe she did Pepsi. Doing that is like selling your soul to the devil. Maybe it’s different in America, and I’m judging too hard.”

Word on the street is Björk is also pissed at Good Charlotte for using instruments on their album. And at Ray Charles for dying before his movie premiered.

The new Björk album is terrible. Here’s The Decemberists covering a song of hers I like.

The Decemberists – “Human Behavior”

You may remember the Decemberists from such posts as Decemberists Take The Tain To NYC and Scott Stereogum Is Pissed At The Decemberists Because They Won’t Play His Wedding.

UPDATE: Björk’s new video for “Who Is It” isn’t all that bad. But it’s different than the album version.

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