Damon Albarn – “The Marvelous Dream”

Dr. Dee is the name of Damon Albarn’s new opera, because of course Damon Albarn has a new opera. The man stays busy! On May 8th, Albarn will release the studio album version of the opera’s music, and “The Marvelous Dream” is a cut from it. One thing to note: Damon the opera singer sounds an awful lot like Damon the everything-else singer. (This of course is not a slag, as he’s probably written four more operas in the time it’s taken me to write this post. Respect.) Hear the very Damon Albarn-y slow jam “The Marvelous Dream” below, set to images of moving traffic in black and white:

The Dr. Dee opera soundtrack is out 5/8 via Virgin.