New Balustrade Ensemble – “Fall Away Into Darkness”

Few records have lodged themselves as deeply on the Stereogum jukebox as Pattern Is Movement’s All Together, and the album’s particularly inspired songwriting and performances notwithstanding, the Philly duo owe a debt to producer Scott Solter for teasing out PIM’s signature aural aesthetic. So when we learned the alien soundtrack we stumbled upon in a promo ravaging session last week was another Solter project, dots were connected. Far flung, cosmic dots. Solter, who has done additional studio work with the Mountain Goats and Spoon, is one of three members at the core of the Balustrade Ensemble’s spacey, celestial mini-epics. We’re casting a tractor beam on the subtly triumphant, UFO-descending cut “Fall Away Into Darkness.”

The Balustrade Ensemble – “Fall Away Into Darkness” (MP3)

Here is one more, for your next transcendental meditation session:

The Balustrade Ensemble – “The Drowning Calm” (MP3)

Expect M. Night to come calling, Balustraders (if he recovers from The Happening shit show, natch). The Ensemble’s Capsules is out via Dynamophone.