The Making Of Narrow Stairs

Today your regular bloggers have been replaced by Ben, Chris, Nick, and Jason of Death Cab For Cutie. The band’s new album Narrow Stairs is out now. DCFC are not professional bloggers, so please send them tips.

By Chris Walla
There’s a lot of b-roll in our world: Everyone wants the ‘behind the scenes scoop’, or something like it. When we first started with Atlantic it seemed harmless and silly and novel, but as we went on, it began to seem harmful and annoying and intrusive (as in, it’s not a green room anymore if there’s a camera crew in it).

The post-modern thing to do would be to shut it all down. The post-post-modern approach, though, is the one we’ve now adopted: We bought cameras. When someone wants b-roll now, it’s understood that Nick shoots b-roll on their b-roll, resulting in… Well, a lot of ridiculous shit. It’s gonna be a good movie.

Sadly, our cameras didn’t capture all the magical, unconscious, intimate in-between moments during the making of “The Making Of Narrow Stairs.” It’s really a shame. I mean, Ben made this totally average joke… It was awesome. And I farted. But you’d never know, because we weren’t rolling. It’s such a travesty, but one we’re working desperately to move forward from.