Trick Or Treat, Y’All! Stereogum’s Guide To A Britney & Kevin Halloween

This week I’ve received a number of e-mails asking advice about Federline Halloween costumes. I can’t think of anything scarier! And I’m happy to help…

Kevin: Yankees cap, chin strap, wifebeater, tattoo, oversize cargo pants, high-tops (no laces, obvs)
Britney: Fright wig, rosary beads, ripped jean skirt/shorts, Uggs, Kaballah bracelet

Now, if you really want to do Britney correctly, here are some optional accessories:

1 Red Bull
2 Crutches
3 Cheetos
4 Raunchy t-shirt
5 Cigarette
6 Ironic trucker cap
7 Stepchild

Good luck! And if do choose this costume, send Stereogum a photo next week. I’ll post the best ones here.

Oh, and what might Britney and Kevin be for Halloween ’04? Pirates of course.