Scenes From The Set Of The First She & Him Video

So gang, the bad news for you is Death Cab have returned to their day jobs — but thanks to the band for giving us the day off, and to everyone who wrote in with questions and comments. Walla, you may just have a future in this. Anyway, the worse news for you is that you are back to being stuck with us. We used our time off as any normal people would, checking out the sites of our favorite directors, when we stumbled upon this gem of a spread from the site of Ace Norton, who’s been tapped to helm the very first vid for Z and M.’s She & Him project. Looks like Zooey’s getting hitched while accompanied by banjo-plucking ghosts and some fairly hot boots.


The big smiley guy at the end is Ace, and all these come via If that’s not enough to satisfy your hunger for the pronoun-enabled pair, here’s a recent MTV She & Him profile…

…and here’s Zooey covering Abba’s “Chiquitita” with Becky Stark aka Lavender Diamond (you don’t wanna miss the cute synchronized jump/shoulder shimmy dance at around 4:30):

Nice work, ladies. Becky you’re looking thin. Too much rollerskating and singing at the same time for you.