Chris Martin Continues To Act Upon His Love For The Word “Apple”

Apparently and allegedly this premiered during the David vs. David American Idol showdown that we know about thanks to media coverage of how American Idol’s ratings are in the crapper. (We’ll watch tonight though! Maybe.) Apple enthusiast Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay and man who named his daughter after an iPod, gathered his band of merry Coldplants for a spot in support of Steve Jobs’s digital music store (and so, partially and vicariously, in support of the flagging EMI warship). They’re doing “Viva La Vida” Or The New Song We Are Liking and it is very colorful. Check it:

Liking it better than the band’s last attempt to sell us Apple’s digital culture, although it is another firm notch in the Chris Doesn’t Know What To Do With His Arms While In Rock Star Mode column.

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