Pavement Prep Hits & Rarities Comp … What Should Be On It?

When Pavement first announced their reunion we told you that Matador noted a “details-to-be-determined compilation album planned for release sometime in 2010.” Well, as the guys continue adding dates to said reunion tour, they’re also offering up some more info re: the comp. As Spiral Stairs noted:

Via NME:

There’s talk of doing a best of, with some really cool outtakes on that … The very first radio show that Pavement ever did has never been released. I don’t think anyone’s heard it, so we’ll put that out there sometime.

You should look for it around the time of those aforementioned reunion gigs. That’s called a product tie-in. The bigger issue: What should be on a “best of” Pavement compilation? I’m not talking about rarities, more the essential tracks for a Pavement primer. Like for people who’ve never heard “Summer Babe (Winter Version),” “Stop Breathin’,” or “Frontwards” or a huge etc.

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