This is a gift, and I won't abuse it. Thanks, Andrew.
Thanks, homesickalien. And thanks for being particularly cool to me all these years.
Respect, Ben. Cheers. (I could watch this gif forever.)(I have been.)
The Dr. Who gif got me, too. THANKS HAIRY CORGAN!
Sloth, thank man. It has been an age, literally. Thanks for being around, and thanks re: Revolt. I'll make it something we can all be proud of.
Appreciate this, formerragequitter. I can barely get over Gabe's leaving myself. Thank YOU for making this site your go-to, and I appreciate the wishes! Promise to make it good.
Respect, tdc. Will try to keep fighting that good fight, I'm happy it's resonated with you. Thanks!
Broydrick, this is a genuinely moving blurb and your .gif has burrowed its way into my heart. Thank you for the years.
THANKS AMBARELLA, for following along and for being kind. see you on the small screen?
hey michael_, i appreciate the kindness and the words. and it's worth mentioning that our first comment section interaction, and that week's Shut Up, Dude, are actually a couple of my fondest memories from my time here, so thank you for that, too.
thank you, old thompson. i appreciate you dusting off the old commenter account. stick around! and watch cable also. appreciate the note man.
R. Jeezy, I did catch your comment, and I will reply there. (I remember our encounter well!) This is a more general note, though, especially after reading this: <3. Always!
There's no download, too few of these songs are available as MP3 to warrant a zipfile. (Any songs that are available for download will have a "Download" button appear under the "Share" button in the Soundcloud stream.)
I had some mish-mashed thoughts colliding in that one, Rahbrrt. It's fixed!
fuck me, i love pearl jam.
Fair enough, lefttee47. I removed the confusing language and kept it to "Boston." Thanks for the tip!
Amrit wrote it! (annette83 you can tell who wrote it by looking at the byline which comes after the date, which come after sarcasm.) And Amrit corrected it. Hope your head didn't fall off while it had typos!
Yes, they are! That solution is forthcoming; as for the file hosting, the mix is up now as a WeTransfer. Happy weekending.
Sorry y'all, tech team is on it! Hopefully will be fixed shortly.
<3 for you R. Jeezy
You're right, I don't know what happened there. Adding, thanks! (Making this list has made me 80% more Spotify literate, though clearly I'm still a n00b.)
fixed, thanks adddo. hails sam hockley-smith, also!
This is good, good job DOM.
Panic! @ The Swift(o)
And don't forget, they've done the Hollywood Bowl (opening for Mumford & Sons, but still). LA denizens, at what point can we say they've batted for the cycle?
This mural is still up, on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg near Grant Ave. It's huge, you literally cannot miss it. My brother and I have been walking by it for weeks and debating the apparently brazen expenditure in such cash-strapped times (good location at least, etc.). Point is: Non-narrative as it is, this video actually answers some questions! Good job, Pinback.
Hey Tyrone, you comment slipped me by -- just wanted to say thank you very much for saying. Appreciate the kind words! I'm sorry you never had a chance to visit the space, but it's nice to feel you got a sense for it. It was a special place.
TIME should have shortlisted him // Maybe we should do something like that here?
GUYS, the "Allow Comments" button was accidentally turned off. PLEASE BE OKAY WITH THIS MOMENTARY INDISCRETION, and please register all of these comments and more on the actual QYDJ post, which is open for business.
oh noooooooooooooooooo
Good point. How about a very special REMIXTAPE in a month or two that's "The Best Of 2K12"? That sounds exhausting to compile, but like it would be the best. Y/y?
Thank you guys, for the civil discussion and thoughts. Given mainstream media's anemic coverage, it's been nice to see this forum shed some light. It's six days since the killings, and cable news has left the story behind (just this morning, members of the Sikh Coalition were bumped bumped by MSNBC in favor of nonstop Paul Ryan reportage). A week in the headlines doesn't seem that much to ask. So we just put this back in our homepage's Lead Story module. Thanks for reading.