Paul McCartney - RAM

Paul McCartney’s second post-Beatles LP, RAM, is getting the deluxe reissue treatment and today we’re giving away one of these packages to you, the commenter! The package celebrating the Paul and Linda McCartney collaboration includes:

  • 112-page book
  • Photo prints
  • Handwritten lyrics and notes,
  • Four CDs
  • A bonus film DVD
  • Hi-Res 24bit 96kHz files of the remastered and bonus audio CD accessed via a download code inserted on a card within the deluxe edition package

To enter, you need be a fan of Stereogum on Facebook and comment with your favorite McCartney solo/Wings single via Facebook Connect (do not use your ‘Gum user account on this post — we’ll have to be able to check if you are a fan of Stereogum on FB when the sweepstakes ends). Sweeps will end 5/1 at 6 PM EST. US entrants only. Watch the deluxe RAM teaser below.

The deluxe edition of RAM is out on 5/22.

Comments (468)
  1. Eat at Home!

  2. Wonderful Christmastime

  3. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

  4. I’ll go with “Take It Away.”

  5. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey!!

  6. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey is the best song of all time!

  7. maybe i’m amazed!!!

  8. The track “Ram On” is gold, in my eyes. If I’m limited to just singles, “Another Day.”

  9. Live and Let Die

  10. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

  11. ‘another day’

  12. So many to choose from, but I don’t think that Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey can be denied for the sheer bonkers-ness of it.

  13. I used to be partial to “Give Ireland Back To The Irish” but it made no sense … my all-time fave is “I’ve Had Enough” and “Deliver Your Children” from 1978.

  14. Junior’s Farm

  15. Uncle Albert

  16. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

  17. “Another Day”. This is my favorite Paul McCartney album and I’m glad it’s getting a proper reissue! I’ll be stoked if I can win this!

  18. Too Many People

  19. Hi, Hi, Hi

  20. Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey

  21. uncle albert minus admiral halsey.

    that works, right? please? :)

  22. Uncle Albert!

  23. Band On The Run

  24. hot as sun

  25. Temporary Secretary

  26. 1. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
    2. Heart of the Country
    3. Band on the Run

  27. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

  28. Two-part answer: I know this isn’t the sexy pick, but for the one-song, I’ll pick “Silly Love Songs.” As an entire single, tho, I gotta go with “Jet” / “Let Me Roll It” / “Mamunia”, mainly for “Let Me Roll It.”

  29. Band On The Run!

  30. monkberry moon delight

  31. “Live and Let Die”

  32. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey. Such a fantastic song.

  33. Take It Away on the A side, I’ll Give You a Ring on the B

  34. Sorry…. just love Band On The Run!

  35. “coming up” from mccartney II. don’t be silly.

  36. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey! so awesome

  37. Junior’s Farm!

  38. “Dear Boy” Great song!

  39. Jenny Wren ….but I love them all!

  40. SORRY i meant DEAR BOY!!

  41. Not sure if my pick was a “Single” though so I will pick “Listen To What The Man Said” as a backup. :)

  42. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

  43. Live and Let Die.

  44. live and let die

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