In a couple of months, Mute will release The Lost Tapes, a three-CD set of unreleased tracks from krautrock greats Can. Below, we’ve got a stream of the absurdist time-spanning jam “Deadly Doris,” which rides a groove with absolute single-minded focus over its three minutes. No other band in human history could’ve recorded this song.

The Lost Tapes is out 6/19 on Mute.

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  1. MORE PEOPLE SHOULD CARE ABOUT THIS THAN DO. A lot of people’s all-time faves would not dream of existing without Can.
    Sometimes I cry and think about how underrated they are.

    • actually, they are like the buzzword band to name drop and have been for like ten years.

      you can’t really qualify yourself as a music nerd (or music hipster one-upper) without knowing who can and neu! are.

      • That’s definitely true, but I mean underrated in the sense where less people know who Damo Suzuki is than who Thom Yorke is. They’re not, like, worshipped in the sense that a lot of Can-inspired bands are.

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