Artists Respond To MCA's Death On Twitter

Since this news of Adam Yauch’s passing early today, Beastie Boys fans and peers have been sharing condolences, memories, videos, and tributes via Twitter. We’ve collected some of these Tweets from the artists we follow below. From Grizzly Bear to Big Boi to Weezer, it’s a sampling of the far-reaching impact the man had on some of our, and likely your, favorite bands. #RIPMCA

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  1. Michael_  |   Posted on May 4th, 2012 +10

    I think El-P put a nice final touch on the tweetbutes when he said (and I hope this html works):

    todays twitter day is over.everything after this seems trivial.— el-p (@therealelp) May 4, 2012

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  2. RT @SKRILLEX: i think i’ll go skating in barcelona tonight :)

  3. And now, Senator Chuck Schumer (D) of New York. Take it away, Senator:

  4. we need to get RubberJohnny in here.

  5. It kinda pissed me off today that, as an avid rap fan and rap follower on twitter, only a small portion of rappers I follow tweeted about this. I’ll wait until tomorrow because I know some artists don’t tweet sporadically (which I respect), but for those who do, I’ll lose respect if I don’t see a gesture towards MCA. I agree with Mike_ that El-P’s was the best message, but I really liked what Earl Sweatshirt said because he’s not one to give a fuck. That was refreshing. RIP MCA

  6. Still remember discovering them from “Intergalactic” on the radio and then later not being able to shut up about how brilliant Paul’s Boutique is. RIP MCA.

  7. TUPAC: Looking forward to our summer tour

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