Animal Collective - "Honeycomb"

Animal Collective posted a couple of new jams earlier tonight that will be released on a forthcoming single, the knotty “Honeycomb” as well as its B-side “Gotham.” Listen below:

The single is out 6/27 on Domino.

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  1. Production is absolutely amazing!

  2. I really really really like Honey. Animal Collective never ceases to amaze me.
    Goosebumps, every time

  3. Another important fact: If you preorder the single, you will receive an mp3 version immediately.

    Also, the artwork on the vinyl makes me very happy that I am getting a record player this week.

  4. Michael_  |   Posted on May 6th, 2012 +4

    I didn’t get any this weekend, but that’ll do pig. That’ll do…

    • Michael_  |   Posted on May 7th, 2012 +18

      Also, is it not kind silly how every website has posted these songs without really giving them the justice they deserve with the write-up? I mean, c’mon, I know it’s Sunday night, but considering the entire blogosphere had a wet dream over Merriweather Post Pavillion in ’09 and AnCo is one of the most anticipated new releases of the year, would it kill everyone to just write more than a sentence or two about this awesome “surprise”? Chris Weingarten, I feel ya…

  5. AnCo’s Honeycomb > Post’s Honeycomb.

  6. It’s nice to see that Animal Collective is as excited for the Dark Knight Rises as I am.

  7. Don’t like it too much people. Rubber Johnny will be compelled to immediately say something bad about it if you do. He’s in the parlor right now getting his hair treated. He’s not supposed to move. Be kind.

  8. I like them, could see myself becoming pretty addicted to Honeycomb. They didn’t hit me with the immediacy of some of the tracks from MPP, but still pretty nice.

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  10. I’m surprised it took Pitchfork close to 18 hours to give it Best New Track. Seriously though it’s pretty awesome

  11. AnCo gonna get the first 11BNM

  12. pretty good to my ear. i like this music and band.

  13. I swear to god some of those lyrics were in Spanish!!

  14. I just honeycomb’d in my pants

  15. never disappoint!

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  17. I think a lot of blogs haven’t done much of a writeup because there’s been no information from the band about whether its going to be part of their upcoming album, so there is no context to place it in. People are probably waiting for more information from the AnCo camp before they give it a larger writeup

  18. Wow, “Gotham” is gorgeous. Harkens back to “Penny Dreadfuls” in its meandering, melancholy way.

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  21. Solid tracks, getting me excited for a new album, so mission accomplished i suppose.

  22. if you haven’t listened to these in a decent pair of headphones yet then you haven’t really listened to them… so much going on in these songs, more obviously in Honeycomb, but also in Gotham.

    and you gotta love that standard rock band ending of Gotham! haha. definitely something new for them, maybe it shows they are embracing the ‘jam band’ label a little more??

  23. Gotta say I like Gotham a lot better than Honeycomb

  24. Non-Animal Collective Fan: Not really sure why these guys are so popular. . .
    Downvoters: This is neither the time nor the place for that kind of talk. Thumbs down!
    Non-Animal Collective Fan: No, I’m just expressing that the music isn’t really that good. I mean, they’ve got some cool songs, but they’re kind of few and far between. . .
    Downvoters: Damn your comment to hell!
    Non-Animal Collective Fan: I mean, we’re here to talk about music not just heap unsolicited praise on anything that happens to drop into the net. . .
    Non-Animal Collective Fan: Is that a goat noise? Ohhhhh, Sheep. You’re sheep. I get it.

    • To be perfectly honest, Stereogum has usually been perhaps the only place where I’ve seen the band get consistently trashed. The feedback for these two songs is more upbeat than usual (which is odd because when this site posted a number of debut songs that the band performed on their tour last year – including “Honeycomb” – Stereogum-users were generally condescending).

      I have not personally listened to this single to comment but that’s because it’s probable that one of or both of the songs will appear on the upcoming LP. Having been spoiled rotten with Tomboy singles before the album’s belated release, I’m waiting to hear “Honeycomb” or “Gotham sounds in context with the rest of the album. :)

      • I think that AC have some great tracks, especially from Panda Bear. His first solo project was pretty much a confirmation of what I really enjoy in the AC catalogue. I think a larger point is that posters don’t seem to be allowed to actually have a discussion in dissent of the popular sentiment. I understand that people come atrollin’ just to piss everyone off, but even people that get beyond the “this sucks” or “that’s gay” comments to actually post an original thought, or even an honest question, are blasted by fucks who don’t care to appreciate the fact that not everyone hears and experiences music in the same way. This should be and is the appropriate forum for those conversations. Every song and album that appears on this sight gets a BNM or AOTY comment from people (sometimes, incongruously, the very same people). That’s as disingenuous as just posting “that’s gay”.

        So, I’m campaigning against downvoters in as many posts as possible until people are actually ready to have decent conversations (or just keep downvoting the fuck out of my anti-downvoting campaign). We do have some really great posters who bring a lot of knowledge and backup to what they are saying, and I have personally learned a lot from those folks. I want the opportunity to discuss ideas in an open forum without the weird retribution that people seem to embrace. We’re not a bunch a teenaged girls defending Justin Beiber’s honor, but I’ll be goddamned if we don’t behave that way at times. If you aren’t actually in the band, then take a moment to step back and ask yourself what the real merit of vetoing someone else’s perspective is.

        • hey man i agree w you, but everyone in this thread that got downvoted said something stupid or at least not constructive or interesting in any way, so they get downvoted.

          also i’m interested in your claiming to like Panda’s first solo album… honest question – are you talking about Person Pitch? cuz i don’t know anyone who actually likes his first one (self-titled), and PP is his third.
          (no snobby intended)

          • Philosophically, if you’re going to downvote someone for not saying something interesting or constructive, then people who make positive but not interesting or constructive comments should also get the downvote. If s-gum posted a new Nickleback tune, then most people would post negative, uninteresting, nonconstructive comments and get upvotes for them.

            Also, I stand corrected on PB’s discography. I was referring to Young Prayer, which I thought was his first album. I have not heard the eponymous album, but I do enjoy Person Pitch quite a bit, as well.

  25. My opinion is valid.

  26. I loved Merriweather, but Honeycomb is so obnoxious. almost unlistenable. it’s busy in a bad way and there’s not a single good hook in it.

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