Courtney Love

The hits just keep coming from Courtney Love lately. Most recently, someone from Grub Street got her to talk about what she eats in a typical week, and the result reads like a window into her soul: Random name-drops, head-spinning levels of digression, eating habits that seem like they could kill most human beings within a month. A couple of choice quotes below:

One thing from living next to Paris Hilton in L.A… She always had a fresh cake in her house. So I make sure someone gets a full, fresh new one every day, like marzipan. My house manager tries to put it in the fridge, but I don’t like refrigeration. I know, so Portlandia of me. But I’m sorry, I’m from Portland!

I hate chocolate. Fuck chocolate. Kurt hated chocolate, too — that was one of the things we had in common. Chocolate makes it all too easy. Oooh. Woww. Chocolate. Oooh. Yum. Fuck that. It’s sorta like how I don’t love the Ramones. It’s a flaw. Or, I love Mr. Springsteen as a person, I’m just not a superfan. Everyone lovvves the Boss, but that’s chocolate for me. It’s just, like… no.

Read the entire terrifying thing here.

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  1. Chocolate makes it all too easy? As opposed to things like, say, heroin?

  2. This has made my day. Pure comic gold.

  3. How does an article about her diet not include “souls”?

  4. It’s cool Courtney, I don’t dig The Ramones either. But that hating chocolate bullshit is no bueno.

  5. My testosterone level is 358, which is crazy because I don’t have a beard, no acne, and I’m not a lesbian. You know that fat chick with zits who thinks she can steal your boyfriend because she believes she’s actually hot? That’s her testosterone talking! But I also have more estrogen than normal. So doctors expect me to have a beard and these massive Dolly Parton tits. I’m explaining this to help understand why maybe my diet is odd.

    It explains why a lot of things are odd, Courtney.

  6. Courtney is full of crap again. This video is blurry, but if you look closely you can tell that the cookie Kurt is eating has chocolate chips in it.

  7. is it really less wasteful to buy a new cake everyday, rather than refrigerating the leftovers?

  8. Sometimes I wonder if Courtney Love isn’t a very badly malfunctioning android.

  9. If you don’t like chocolate, there is something very wrong with you. Along the lines of insanity, which really makes perfect sense, honestly.

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