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Flying Lotus and Beach House both make supremely chill, critically acclaimed music. Both have probably soundtracked a whole lot of drug experiences. Also, FlyLo once remixed Gucci Mane, and Beach House once covered Gucci. But that doesn’t mean they’re best friends.

As Pitchfork points out, FlyLo had some mildly critical words for Beach House’s new album Bloom on his Twitter today: “this new beach house record is coo. just makes me wonder how so many bands are totally fine with sounding exactly like another band… doesn’t mean its bad… feels like i heard this album before a million times already. its just TOO familiar sounding, i duno. now time to buy the killer mike lp.” He later added: “Dang. I wish people would make more of a fuss about the records I say I love instead of things I’m not excited about.”

He’s right to be amped about that Killer Mike, anyway.

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  1. Damn right about that Killer Mike LP.

  2. P4k fans-brainwashers are madly mad. Flying Lotus, certainly, will receive a 2.5 review on his upcoming album.

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  4. I dunno. If I wanted people to make a fuss about a great record, I wouldn’t precede it with shit talk about another one.

  5. FlyLo is great and all, I’m a fan, but which band is he talking about that sounds exactly like Beach House? Makes me think he hasn’t listened to them very much. Maybe he’s just not into their style of music (and that’s cool, whatever). But to someone who doesn’t listen to a lot electronic producers, Flying Lotus probably sounds like just like all the others.

    • That was my first thought. It’s fine to like what you like and what he said really isn’t a big deal, but I doubt he could back up that statement with any examples.

    • Personally I think the new BH album sounds more derivative of older stuff like Cocteau Twins and Kate Bush than Teen Dream did. There are a number of killer songs on the album, but overall it doesn’t feel very groundbreaking. Just my opinion.

  6. Love Beach House but I am also critical of “Bloom.” It’s “meh” for me right now. Hopefully it’s a grower.

    I would love to see the million soundalikes listed though.

  7. This isn’t beef, it’s just someone noticing that the new beach house album is good but pretty non-confrontational. It’s just more of their last album’s sound, which is fine, but not that interesting to fly-lo. He’s on another cosmic level.

  8. i for one, am a huge fan of Bloom, and this is coming from someone who never really considered Beach house that great…

  9. I’m in love with Bloom and I don’t care who knows it!

  10. I bugs the fucking hell out of me that all of the sudden everyone talks about them being safe and “the same” when if they made a change to their sound people would shit their pants. Beach House wants to make a Beach House album, I don’t see why every review, good or bad, has to point out that they sound the same. That’s like saying you’re surprised the new screaming females album has guitar, it would’ve been more refreshing if they made a polka record or something. People are just impossible to please.

  11. the only problem I have with it is the insanely boring lyrics

  12. Nooooo don’t fight! You’re two of my favorites!


  14. ya, prefuse is a definite forerunner of flylo…

  15. “feels like i heard this album before a million times already. its just TOO familiar sounding, i duno.”

    Um, maybe it’s familiar sounding because it sounds like a Beach House record?

  16. Why do we care so much about what other artists like and don’t like? Like what you want to like and let other people like what they want to like.

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  18. He probably just doesn’t realize how many bands are emulating Beach House.

  19. this is not journalism.

  20. He means beach house isn’t making their new albums sound any different from the old ones.. understandable.. I agree that bands should always try something new … really projects the theme of the others and stays consistent with creation

  21. Sorry buy anyone that thinks Bloom sounds ANYTHING like Teen Dream doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about. Bloom sounds laid back and lush whereas Teen Dream sounds more dark in both song and lyric. As far as Beach House sounds like other bands? Who sounds like Beach House? Victoria LeGrands voice is one of a kind, I listen to a lot of music and I have heard no one that sounds like Beach House. If someone were to ask me who they sound like I could never give them an example, I’d just have to say that it’s dream pop.

  22. He should give examples before he calls people out like that.

  23. This is in response to Victoria LeGrand calling Cosmogramma “almost tooo glitchy”

  24. How is this news?

  25. FlyLo’s comments aren’t a diss and this certainly isn’t beef.

    Beef is when your moms ain’t safe up in the street. (c) Chris Wallace.

  26. this is the tepid response heard around the blogosphere

  27. I’m not even a big Beach House fan, but i’ve lost some respect for Flying Lotus. I enjoy his music as a whole but his criticism in this case is counterproductive and shows his ignorance. Maybe if he backed up his argument I’d be more receptive to his opinion. What frustrates me the most is his rebuttal, like he doesn’t understand how social networks work. I’ve also lost respect for Stereo Gum for blowing his twitter comment out of proportion, but I guess that’s to be expected.

    • What is this statement counterproductive to? It was just a generic post on Twitter. He probably just feels like dream pop bands tend to sound too similar to one another and gets bored by them. It’s a pretty respectable and understandable opinion that’s completely alright to disagree with. He posted on Twitter saying he completely understands when people, including his own grandma, get bored by HIS music. It’s not for everyone.

      If you actually lost respect for the guy for a quick tweet he did, you seem to have blown it up in your head just as much as Stereogum and Pitchfork did. I’ll never understand why people treat artists’ opinions like goddamn inaugural addresses. They’re only human.

      And that’s my preposterous rant on this preposterous post.

  28. hey guys, sometimes bands you like don’t like other bands you like. it hurts a lot, i’m sure, but you could always…i don’t know, go outside or something.

  29. R.A.P. Music >>>> Bloom

  30. Well opinions are like arseholes, etc, but I’ve had Bloom pretty much on repeat all week (alongside the Polica album) and I’m fairly sure that if I’d done that with a Flying Lotus album I would have crashed my van due to boredom-induced sleep by now.

  31. Bloom just isn’t up there with Teen Dream, that was a hard act to follow. The hooks aren’t there, the emotion’s not runnin’ as high. Maybe it’ll grow, but I’ve already listened to it like 4 times…

  32. “Dang. I wish people would make more of a fuss about the records I say I love instead of things I’m not excited about.”

    Dang. I wish people would make more of a fuss about me.

  33. bloom is amazing.

  34. how DARE an artist actually have high standards and say something NEGATIVE about a fellow ar-Teest!! for SHAME FlyLo…tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk. you gots a lot to learn my fellow 1984 trained lemming, either give glowing ‘Hurray for everything!’ reviews or say NOTHING at all, you know the rules. Lock him up!

    You notice how mr Dave Grohl’s career is still thriving today? Well guess why, cause he’s never said ONE bad about ANY other band. well, at least since he ripped on Bush circa 1995 that is…but he’s now past the statue of limitations on that one:) (sign of the cross)

  35. It obviously shows he likes/listens to them. first listens are always a personal thing, twitter is a of the moment medium. I love Beachh House and FlyLo is pretty cool when taken into context. I found this only interesting in the aspect of hearing one artist being engaged in others works. glad to know Flylo is a beach House fan is all I took from this

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