Chromatics - "These Streets Will Never Look The Same" Video

Here’s Chromatics’ video for the sixth Kill For Love single “These Streets Will Never Look The Same,” a blurry, evocative clip (they seem to favor this aesthetic) shot in Las Vegas, Mexico City and Montreal. Frequent collaborator Alberto Rossini is back at the helm for this one, too. I’ll leave you to it, but before I do, here’s your #YOLO moment of the day (via the video credits).


YOLO — it’s a movement. Watch the video below.

(props Michael_)

Kill For Love is out now on Italians Do It Better.

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  1. My main concern – who wears sunglasses in bed?

  2. these streets will never look the same- but the music videos will.

  3. We’ve got Chromatics’ cover of “Running Up That Hill” on the playlist at work. I can’t tell if giving the bar a sombre / reflective atmosphere encourages people to buy more beer, or less. War on Drugs always goes down pretty well, whereas the locals ask me to change St. Vincent and “put on some better music”.

    • Hmm, sounds to me like you have some locals with a questionable lack of taste. Where is this place?

      • East London. To be fair, they are all approaching or over 50. They like Northern Soul, 70s Funk and Otis Redding, which they dance to without fail in the middle of the bar, in the middle of the day, so I can’t really fault them too much.

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