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I have no idea how it’s even possible to enforce something like this — or where one would get a Slash T-shirt in the first place — but NME reports that fans weren’t allowed to wear Slash T-shirts to last night’s Guns N’ Roses Show at London’s O2 Arena. The magazine quotes 18-year-old fan James Revell as saying that security guards asked him to remove his Slash shirt as he was on his way into the show: “I believe they asked me to do this because Axl Rose has some problem with Slash and if he saw me wearing the shirt he might have stormed off stage.” Axl Rose, everybody! Still finding scary new ways to express his own manic resentments!

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  1. Fantastic pic choice.

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  3. What’s his policy on top hats?

  4. To be fair, Slash’s lack of talent always held back Guns N Roses. Just look at how quickly and effortlessly GNR’s true masterpiece, Chinese Democracy, emerged followed his departure.

  5. And yet, he is allowed to wear his Dick Tracy costume?

  6. Strange Cargo in chicago can hook you up with a sweet hand screened slash shirt for about 18 bucks. Your Welcome

  7. Conversely, fans are encouraged to bring cupcakes.

  8. He looks like Tony Clifton.

  9. From the look of the picture of Axl, it looks like he also banned salads from the 02 Arena as well.

  10. Hold on hold on hold on….misleading title. That one sentence statement from a fan “believing” that Axl is the reason is just terrible journalism Tom, even if it is just reprinting what another journalist said. For all we know it was one douchebag security guard.

    With that being said, it probably was Axl.

  11. This dude is such a loser. Why anyone follows this guy, whether out of legitimate interest or for laughs, is unknown to me. But forget that, why the fuck would someone buy a ticket to an Axl performance? First, it’s 2012, we have all visited, been welcomed to, and left the fucking jungle, now shut up. And second, a G’n'R ticket is just an expensive scratch ticket with a very lukewarm grand prize…will he show or no. Fuck that guy so hard. Haha

  12. I’ve got six and a half words for anyone who thinks Slash’s post-GnR career is any better than Axl’s: “Paradise City (feat. Cypress Hill and Fergie)”

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