Lil Wayne - "My Homies Still" (Feat. Big Sean)

Lil Wayne has a knack for taking other rapper’s hits and repurposing them for his use — see “John” which borrowed heavily from Rozay’s “I’m Not A Star” — and his new single, “My Homies Still,” borrows from Big Sean’s “A$$.” This instance is less of a mirror image, though, as Wayne’s only really lifting the lyrical hook “Go stupid, go stupid;” the track’s cavernous beat (produced by StreetRunner & Sarom) is another thing entirely. Stream it below.

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I Am Not A Human Being 2 is out soon on Young Money.

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  1. Guess it’s all G.O.O.D. then…

    • Not too excited about this track or most of his recent output. To the point where I’m starting to think about turning in my discipleship.

      But it’s no use, the mark will still burn. Wayne Christ man!

    • I don’t know how you feel about it, as a non-closet lil wayne fan, but I think ‘Ghoulish’ was a bad move for him. Wayne’s always been style over substance (except for Georgia Bush) and those rappers usually don’t come out on top of a beef (and thus don’t beef in general). Jay/Nas is a good example of this. The more obvious reason that he shouldn’t have said it is that G.O.O.D. would straight run train on YMCMB.

  2. Well now that I know how you felt about it as a non-closet post-goblinwave fan, let me tell you, I first thought this was a bad move just as it being a non-incredible track. And at that was a collab/remix with a goofy rapper on GOOD label. After rethinking it as a threat, i’d say ‘Ghoulish’ was a pretty predictable move for Wayne.

    A present day Wayne is prone to acting out, as he did when threatening JZ+Beyonce’s then unborn kid on the last track of Carter IV. But compared to almost everyone else on his level of popularity in rap right now, he’s a true thug… that’s always been an integral part of Wayne’s character. Just sucks that this is yet another sub par attempt from him. Listening to C IV has basically become totally unenjoyable for me and this track will quickly get old like most of his recent output.

    But your comment abt style over substance totally subjective.. I don’t think G.O.O.D’s lineup has much substance at besides in a couple key spots. Lotta wayne’s been substantive esp when talkin about prostitues.Also want to point out the aesthetic dif b/w the sects used to be clearer – YM as hedonist badasses and GOOD as pretentious dudes down for crossover… but really those lines are blurred now and if you really think about it – like really hard too – you take a specimin like drake and he’s like a combo of both… and really he’s public epitome number one of how stupid beef is these days in rap… he was a f’n cherub child actor before gettin into the game and he’s makin gun signs at common only cus he knows he’s got a chance, when he runs away from “its good” accusations and then gets a f’n former corrections officer bitch to stand there and grunt in the video like a beast.. who also disaavows that ish later.. # fuck a rap beef… yeah if you’re gonna go about it like a bitch and hold press conferences and shit.

    To that point, how would Lil Wayne not come out on top in this beef? i think he’s down to do jail time again and again. If he collabos with bruno mars again he may get capital punishment next time damn. but seriuosly i think he’d kill a mother fucker and hit em up – which is seriously just an extended brutalistic death threat – is the pinnacle of beef. where’s that beef? gone. it’s fuckin daed. it’s rendered in ahologram now. FUCK man. i hope him and kaufman are really still jiust chillin on an island somewhere out there ya knoww.ww.?

    Running train on YM? I just wanna point out the dif lineups’s stengths and weaknesses. Starting at the center of the beef, Pusha T hit the center of his whole dual-conscience bloodthirsty sumptuous gangsta/repentant christian good or at least somewhat normally moral dude soooo long ago he’s holding on to a bare thread.. the dudes on GOOD have been posing in pharoahs outfits for chrissake. and kanye doesn’t even release shit for GOOD so he doesn’t even count for them, tho i’m not sure crooning Weezy’s that huge a strength for the YM roster. I just want to examine a iittle more closely (all IMFAO true):

    John Legend – anything but legendary.. substantive in that lame ass trying to be smooth way
    Big Sean – little bitich
    Kid Cudi – head in the clouds, maybe could kick the shit out of a door panel or out-rap a bag of fritos
    Mr. Hudson – jigga what?
    Cyhi the Prynce – jigga who?
    Mos Def – no, his name is yassin bey. there’s that substance sonnn!
    Pusha T – been over this dude, nad hunned
    D’Banj – jigga how?
    Q-Tip – theres that funkstance!
    Teyana Taylor – Tetayana think you could fuck with me?
    2 Chainz

    Lil Wayne – dude, i’m his f’n disciple he’s a wizard when it really comes down to it
    Mack Maine – C dEez hOez
    Drake – canadian bacon, fakin.. he ait tho
    Nicki Minaj – turn your bitch beef into a filet mignon – flip you like a bitch pancake if she need to. hard.
    Tyga – little white tiger… house cat… but still
    Gudda Gudda – philosopher king evangelist… phenom rock star prophet…
    T-Streetz – embarassed to say i downloaded one of his shitty tapes
    Jae Millz – likewise
    Kevin Gates – bill gates’s nephew
    Lil Chuckee – based on combo of pitbull, wayne, and actual chuckee doll.. maybe actually helpful in beef
    Shanell – weird ass nose rings attached to eaarings and shit. not as hard as nicki but good for gang image
    Lil Twist – doin the twist like a bitch, with a fawx hawk
    Cory Gunz – the “z” is for the sleepers/ the “g” is for the… haters?
    Short Dawg – short career, frickin’ moofus
    Torion Sellers – jugular who?
    Christina Milian – mr. the dream’s ex
    We the Best – yeah… that’s riht. there’s an entire subsidiary under the subsidiary’s umbrella

    -So fuckin bloated they win by sheer mass. And oh yeah they got Limp Biz now so this whole exercise was shit .. fred durst can kill 7 ox with one toe.

    fuck this i’m going to listen to bannana boat 6′ 7′ and nookie at the same time. eat bannanas never forget.

    • I’m not even sure why I get into rap conversations anymore. I <3 OF

    • There were many lols to be had here but considering kanye founded good music im pretty sure he shouldn’t be omitted from your list here. I agree that GOOD wouldn’t win a beef. But at the same time Mr. West seemed to usher in a new phase of rap music where beefs have become irrelevant. Note how much shit 50 tried to give him during Ye’s rise to power, and also note how not a single fuck was given in those days by Kanye. Now who would you say is the more relevant artist? That beef was useless and just sad in retrospect.

      • Yeah I totally feel you man. The only reason I left Kanye off is cus he’s not listed on their roster and his releases come out on Def Jam/Rocafella apparently. If he was included and really pissed off GOOD maybe would have a chance.

        The Kanye/50 feud is a perfect example of how inane rap beef is these days. The track above is too, cus although it comes off as a threat I think Wayne may have purposely left it ambiguous to pull in more listeners — like people totally oblivious to the beef who just want to hear him and Big Sean on a track.

        Gotta admit tho, I kind of wish 50 beat Kanye in that “beef”… dude hasn’t been the same since and really in rap lyrical brawn and brutality should win over brains and beauty.. not that Ye’s shit is really “beautiful” to me but hopefully you get what I’m sayin. But yeah, I think more to the point is that the “winner” of the beef won by just ignoring his antagonizer.. didn’t even record a dis track or shoot a gat.

        Since a lot of rap i’m into is pure masculine insanity/ignorance, I subconciously kind of wish rappers really beefed like they used to. But in reality it’s such a good thing – it kind of sucks when the best rappers are always in danger of dying. Still got outliers like Slim Duncan, which still sucks, but I’m gonna propose a toast to more peaceful times in rap music.

        • I don’t think there really should have been anyone who should have “won” that beef. I mean Kanye’s music and 50′s music might both be rap, but they have two completely different listening demographics, and both artists represent two completely different subgenres. Kanye tried to carve out a new niche with GOOD music, and i think its kind of retarded that traditional rappers try to beef with them.

          Sometimes i find music beefs fun or exciting, but a lot of these rap ones that have been happening in the past 5 years have just been pathetic to me. So i do agree that its for the best. I guess what i’m trying to say is that traditional beefs should stay amongst more traditional rappers. To cite the 50 – Ye one again, i still honestly can’t believe how stupid 50 looked doing that. You’re right, it killed his career but i’m not entirely sure what he was expecting was going to happen. None of Kanye’s fan base gave two shits about beefs, however the infamous T Swift fiasco was very entertaining, and quite frankly is the only kind of beef that i enjoy seeing today. If only the Tyler the Creator Bruno Mars situation really took off…

  3. Well this was lame.

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