Billy Corgan

As previously reported, Billy Corgan launched a Chicago-based indie pro-wrestling promotion called Resistance Pro Wrestling last year. Since then, the company has run a handful of shows, and from what I’ve read about them, they’ve generally been pretty good, and Corgan’s role has mostly been behind the scenes. And Corgan may soon turn that behind-the-scenes role into a reality show.

As ProWrestling.Com points out, Corgan recently mentioned in a radio interview that he’s been working with a reality-show producer and taking meetings to put together a show about the day-to-day business of running a small-time pro-wrestling company, which, at least to me, is a pretty fucking fascinating subject.

Here’s what Corgan says:

“We just signed a deal with a big reality show producer. A guy with an incredible track record. We’re in good hands…. We believe that wrestling is fascinating on many many levels– socially, politically, even economically. The struggles independent wrestlers go through to try to find work, those are real struggles that anybody can identify with. We want to show what goes on in a wrestling company behind the scenes… I’ve had like nine or ten meetings so far about it with different people. A lot of them wanted to know if this would be your typical manufactured reality show, and I told them that with a wrestling company, you don’t have to manufacture reality. There’s plenty of it to go around.”

So yeah, I’d watch that.

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  1. I’d watch if it means I get to see Billy Corgan get his ass kicked… even if it is only a pretend ass kicking.

  2. Dear God what have you done

  3. I can’t even tell you guys how much I love that photo.

  4. what the f

  5. As long as Rhino gores Corgan at some point, I’m good (that is indeed Rhino on the left, correct? Or am I just seeing a doppelganger?)

    • That is Rhino, putting his ECW title (he’s the final ECW Champion and still has the title) on the line against Harry Smith’s Resistance Pro belt. (I somehow follow Resistance Pro storylines despite never having seen any of their shows.)

      • Not liking how the Resistance Pro belt is biting on the old NWA big gold belt design. Gaudy belt designs are cool and stuff, but that belt has been copied so many times it’s kind of ho-hum now.

  6. That’s the face of the killer in him (well, at least half of it).

  7. BC is a damn Genius. You gotta ride the wave and re invent the wheel to survive .

    Looks like fun- I’ll def watch!!

    Anyone who don’t like it – walk up to him and he’ll personally bitch slap your jealousy away!!

  8. Things Billy Corgan can’t do…

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