Beach House - "Lazuli" Video

Three people cross into another dimension in Beach House’s clip for “Lazuli,” a trippy, fluorescent void occupied by Beach House, incidentally. Allen Cordell directs. Watch it below.

Bloom is out now on Sub Pop.

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  1. Did I just watch both Ghostbusters?

  2. Not bad, although I think I would have preferred it as a pure performance video, sans the ghostbustery bits.

  3. We trippy mane.

  4. Am I the only person who thinks Beach House is a snooze fest?

  5. They are my favorite band, and I love this music video! For real.

  6. I was expecting the “Myth” video. :(

    But this is fine, too. :)

  7. Ironically, one of the most beautiful songs of the year has one of the ugliest videos of the year.

    • I think it’s their style. The video for Walk in the Park is also weird and kind of repulsive for a beautiful song like that.

  8. Is that a tribute to The xx from 3:37?

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