Fiona Apple - "Every Single Night" Video

Fiona Apple’s excellent new single “Every Single Night” now has a video, and it’s a weird one. The clip seems to be obsessed with wildlife, especially creatures with no spines, like the snails that crawl all over Apple in one scene, or the giant squid that appears in a Paris river behind her in another. (Seriously: There are scenes in this video in which Paris appears to be infested with giant monsters, and they’re just there in the background while Apple is singing.) She also snuggles up next to a minotaur in bed and dances down the street while surrounded by people with lightbulb-sticks. Joseph Cahill directs.

Apple’s new album The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than The Driver Of The Screw, And Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do is out 6/19 on Epic; check also the new tracks “Werewolf” and “Anything We Want.”

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  2. looks good to me.
    eye of the beholder and all that.

  3. I love this video even though being covered with snails is my absolute worst nightmare.

  4. this is the best video i have ever seen

  5. I like this direction for her music. It’s got nice stripped down vocals while being more experimental than I’m used to hearing her sound…maybe she’s been listening to Regina. I’m looking forward to hearing the whole new album now.

    I did it, I posted without mentioning how she looks! (this doesn’t count)

    • Shit, if I were Regina Spektor and I found out that Fiona Apple was inspired by my music, I would just quit right then and there because that’s as good as your ever going to get.

      Unless you meant Regina Belle, which, if you did, would be silly.

  6. I like the braaaaAAAIaauhuannooohhaaa AH! eehh AIN! part

  7. that squid almost looked like a facehugger on her head. would be nice tie in to Prometheus.

  8. This video was kind of awesome let’s be honest

  9. Album stream on NPR… it’s pretty bloody brilliant.

  10. Snails. Skeletons. Brains. Fiona writhing around on a bed (again). The only way this could be more badass is if she sent a snapshot of that octopus on her head to PETA with ‘Guess which condiment I used for THIS mollusc :p’ as its caption. Love.

  11. If there weren’t any disgusting molluscs depicted I would have declared that music video the best one of this year so far. Yes, I do have a fear of snails…(not joking).

  12. I always get the feeling that Fiona Apple just needs a nice day at the spa, and some sunshine. You know, some time away from her dark room filled with second hand smoke and a half empty dirty bathtub where she spends most of her time adapting night vision.

  13. I love her but this is like The Walking Dead on acid.

  14. Reminds me of that Adidas commercial

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