Superchunk - "This Summer"

North Carolina nerd-punk greats Superchunk aren’t all that active these days, and any new music from them is cause for celebration. The last thing we heard from them was their 2010 album Majesty Shredding, which ruled. And now they’re back with a new single called “This Summer”. It’s a gloriously catchy punk basher, and you should absolutely hear it. Stream it below.

The “This Summer” single is out today on Merge. The B-side is a cover of Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer.”

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  1. This song rules so hard and perfectly sums up the season’s spirit for me. Summer = Hardcore + punk on an endless playlist. 7 seconds, OFF!, Superchunk, Cro-Mags, Ceremony, Bad Brains, Black Flag, AN, Kid Dynamite, Lifetime, Trash Talk, Converge — gah! I could go on.

  2. wow, probably one of the best songs i’ve heard all year

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