The Antlers - "Drift Dive"

Earlier this month, Brooklyn indie rockers the Antlers announced a new EP called Undersea, and today, the leadoff cut from that release has surfaced (pun intended). It’s called “Drift Dive,” and it’s a slow-building, slide guitar-laden ode, replete with a horn section and distorted Peter Silberman vocals. It sounds like it’s underwater, which is probably not a coincidence. Listen to it below.

Undersea is out 7/24 in the U.S. on Anti- and 7/30 in the UK on Transgressive.

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  2. As for the song, lovely. The “a million pieces…” chorus/refrain (not sure what it should be called) is one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard this year in music so far. I’m really looking forward to the EP now.

  3. The Antlers have got it going on. I feel like they’re at a point where they know exactly what they want to do with the sounds they’re making. And they execute it very well. Hats off!

  4. Burst Apart had some real moments that were really post-rock, and then they toured with Explosions in the Sky. Now they have this. I’m not saying it’s a change for the worse at all, but they’ve really changed their shit up from the old days of Hospice

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