Lana Del Rey - "National Anthem" Video Trailer (Feat. ASAP Rocky)

Here’s the trailer for Lana Del Rey’s forthcoming “National Anthem” video, a clip that features Lana and ASAP Rocky in the roles they were born to play: LDR as Jackie O and ASAP as a BLVCK SCVLE-clad JFK. From the teaser — which contains looping snippets of the video — it appears Lana Del Rey also plays Marilyn Monroe. I have no idea what it’s trying to say, or what it’s trying to tell us about American society or modern celebrity, but whatever it is, I am down with the message. Have at it below.

Also on the horizon is a cool-looking ASAP Rocky doc by Luke + Barber, so head there if you need to detox a little.

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  1. I heart LDR:) OH and you too Aubrey Plaza…growwwwwl:P

  2. Anyone else think Lana Del Rey sounds like Emily Haines of Metric circa Grow Up and Blow Away? No? Just me?

  3. I’ve long waited for this day. The day only four people gave a holy shit about something involving LDR.

  4. fuckaducka did Custom write this song?

    my cpu wallpaper

  5. the song is still unlistenable…

  6. This is way better than that terrible Oliver Stone movie.

  7. Every time I tell someone a fact, I am going to end it with “It’s a fact. Kiss, kiss.” Hopefully it catches on.

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