Taken By Trees - Other Worlds

In June, Taken By Tree’s Victoria Bergsman announced that her blissful pop project would release a new album in October. Today, the first single from October’s Other Worlds hit the web, and here’s Bergman with some context:

I hardly remember my dreams these days. Sometimes, if I am lucky and I wake up very late, I find a thin film of another time or another life. I try so desperately capture this residue of a dream that it quickly fades.

But the kind of dream I am referring to in this song is more like a sense of longing, a vision of a place where things are quiet, like floating in the ocean off of Hawaii. I find that very hard, feeling at peace, feeling that things are OK just as they are. In the past I always feared that calm would lead to laziness, but now I see it more as a strength, something I want to achieve. The album is very much about that … and about finding love. It’s a feel good album.

Those thoughts are certainly reflected in “Dreams,” a breezy, upbeat song. Download it below.

(via NPR)

The “Dreams” 12” is out 8/7 on Secretly Canadian. Other Worlds is out 10/2.

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  1. The cover art reminds me of an instrumental “sounds of nature” album you’d find in a national park visitor center. I want it.

  2. Great Song. But 128 kbit/s-download? Is it 2002 again? Goddamit.

  3. Last record was great, and this one sounds like a natural continuation. Actually, this song really reminds me of some of the Julee Cruise cuts on the Twin Peaks soundtrack.

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