Domo Genesis - "Elimination Chamber"

Do you ever get the feeling that someone is niche marketing directly to you? So: Four rappers I like, all going in hard over a chorus-free spaced-out Alchemist beat, and then naming the result after one of my favorite annual WWE events: How am I not going to like this? It’s over. I’m helpless. So, yes, I like this song. And I’m pretty sure I like it because it’s a good song. I just can’t be entirely sure, since the thing is so mercilessly mashing on all of my instant-joy buttons. Odd Future stoner Domo Genesis is working on a new collaborative album called No Idols with Alchemist, and this song — which features back-again Earl Sweatshirt, occasional Odd Future buddy Vince Staples, and great New York underground weirdo Action Bronson — is merely the first shot. So yeah, I’m excited. Grab it below.

No Idols will come out sometime very soon, hopefully.

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