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Within their universe, ’90s Swedish punks Refused were a hugely important band, but they were never big enough to end up on American TV. So it’s a measure of how their legend has grown in the years they’ve been away that the reunion-tour version of the band can show up on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon in 2012 and get the royal treatment. The band blasted through “New Noise” on the show and then, as a web bonus, also did “The Shape Of Punk To Come.” And there’s a bit of a weird disconnect in seeing it, since “New Noise” should never be performed in front of anything other than a roiling moshpit. But the band held back nothing, and the performances let you see just how much showmanship and craft went into their assault. Watch both performances below.

The Refused reunion tour, of course, marches on, and I’m now that much more determined to see this thing before it blinks out of existence again.

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  1. I feel a bit bad for feeling this way, but there’s something about seeing Refused happy that doesn’t sit well with me.

  2. so you must be really wanting to see a recently reunited band looking unhappy and not wanting to be there

    go see at the drive-in

    • I can’t shake the feeling that all these reunion tours lately are a result of the economic recession. Archers of loaf at bowery ballroom a few months ago gave me the same vibe.

      People want to grow and move on to new versions of themselves. Regressing and trying to relive a past bright spot in their lives doesn’t really work.

      • refused can play the shape of punk to come in its entirety anytime they want and i will welcome it with enthusiastic open arms each and every time – they are as relevant now, probably even moreso, than they were in 1998

  3. I’m sure a kid out there watching this performance last night realized just how much Linkin Park truly sucks.

    • I have to completely agree. As I was watching this last night, I just kept thinking, “There just aren’t bands like this anymore.”

      • Yea generally speaking, I think the energy and overall consciousness from that era of bands has been left behind. But that happens with any type of era. So its better to just appreciate all the cool shit thats happening now.

  4. this was awesome.

  5. It is crazy that in 2012, Refused are having their first (!) TV performance

  6. Arguably the thickest heavy guitar tone I have ever heard on a late night TV/SNL appearance.

  7. Was Questlove’s face melted or what?
    He looked stupefied, after New Noise…

  8. Refused really are the best dressed hardcore band probably in the genre’s history.

  9. I have tickets to see Refused in Chicago in exactly one week. I almost didn’t watch this because I didn’t want a lackluster TV performance to dampen my excitement for the show. Instead, I watched it and it turned out to be the late-nite show music performance ever. Holy moly I’m excited.

  10. Gah, meant to write “turned out to be the BEST late-nite show music performance ever.”

  11. It was kind of amazing to hit up their facebook page after this aired and see a lot of people declaring themselves new fans. It kind of makes you wonder how well they could’ve done with wider exposure.

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