The Best Tracks From This Month's Mixtapes: July 2012

Even in the days where storage is cheap and stuff like iTunes Match makes your MP3 library virtually bottomless, it can still be pretty annoying to download mixtape after mixtape, many of which showcase a cluster of highlights amongst anotherwise grey sea of megabytes. So, today, we’re positing something we hope is a helpful digest called “The Best Tracks From This Month’s Mixtapes,” itself a mixtape culling from our ongoing Mixtape Of The Week. July was a robust month on the tape front, with releases from the likes of Azealia Banks, Meyhem Lauren, Chief Keef partner Lil Reese and more, so hopefully that constitutes a strong best-of collection for our inaugural edition. Oh, and I also tacked on that amazing FlyLo/Earl collaboration, so I hope you’ll indulge me breaking the rules a little (though Singles Program is kind of like a mixtape, right? RIGHT?!). Download here. Track list below.

01 Flatbush Zombies – “Thug Waffle”
02 Flatbush Zombies – “JupiterSound” (Feat. Kilo Kish)
03 Childish Gambino – “Toxic” (Feat. Danny Brown)
04 Childish Gambino – “Unnecessary” (Feat. Schoolboy Q & Ab-Soul)
05 Lil Reese – “Traffic” (Feat. Chief Keef)
06 Lil Reese – “We Don’t Count Money” (Feat. Hell Rell)
07 Meyhem Lauren – “Pan-Seared Tilapia” (Feat. AG Da Coroner, Action Bronson & Despot)
08 Meyhem Lauren – “Juevos Rancheros” (Feat. AG Da Coroner, Heems & Riff Raff)
09 Sasha GoHard – “I’m Hotta” (Feat. Katie Got Bandz & Chella H)
10 Azealia Banks – “Jumanji”
11 Flying Lotus – “Between Friends” (Feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy)

Also, this is definitely a commenter’s idea, I just can’t find you! Represent yourself in the comments here and reap your reward (of attention!).

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  1. ALSO: Not that you guys are going to have ANY issue with voicing your extreme opinions, but let me know how this could be cooler/better. If it’s a total failure, I’m just going to pin it on the commentariat anyway cuz it’s your idea. But if it’s great, I will be hogging it for the personal glory. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD

  2. here’s what each of the members of Matchbox 20 are thinking in this picture, starting from the left:

    -”oh no. yup…yeah that was definitely a shart. ”

    -”ohhh god, never should have had that second Doritos Locos.”

    - (whispers) “i…have….to poop.”

    -”is that guy?….that guys totally pooping on the sidewalk right now.”

    -”mmm MMM! look at that gorgeous behind. i’d eat that boy’s poop………my hair’s red.”

  3. Dearest Corban,

    A new feature on Stereogum! Hip-Hip-Hop-Hooray! I can support this feature because I think I’ve downloaded one out of all the mixtapes that have been featured this year because it’s sort of overwhelming.

    One suggestion I have is that you write a little sumthunn something under each song. Maybe point out what track they’re sampling/using, point out some choice quotes if it’s hip-hop, who has the better verse. That kind of stuff. I mean, I totes take your word on these fine ass tracks, but you are a writer now dawg! Write me something!

    Also, maybe you could rank them! You know how much we love lists! Then we can all get in the comments and say crazy things, make our own suggestions, do a lil comment wrasslin’ and listen to some music! Speaking of music, links? Think we could get some soundcloud links, youtube links, mp3 links? That would be more fun. I know you’re basically featuring a few songs so we go get the free mixtape… and I know I have a 1 TB hard drive… but I don’t like the feeling of having a bunch of albums I don’t really listen to clogging up my precious data drive.

    I love GOOD albums. The ones that you can put on blast on repeat for a long time. I guess that’s why I shy away from mixtapes, because it really takes a special mixtape to transcend the genre and feel like an actual album. Was LIVELOVEA$AP considered a mixtape? That would be a good example of what I’m talking about…

    OK! I’m out for the day listening to Dusk at Cubist Castle and crying softly.

    RIP Bill Doss

  4. I agree with Unnecessary, but I think that The Glamour Life and Shoulda Known are both better tracks than Toxic. The beat on Glamour Life is just so, so nice, and I like Gambino a lot more when he’s getting in touch with his Drake side. A good feature idea though.

  5. A bit light on Azealia Banks for me. No “Esta Noche” or “Fierce”?

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