Kitty Pryde - "Hittin Lix"

Here’s the first single from Kitty Pryde’s forthcoming debut full-length, the cloudy, pensive “Hittin Lix,” a track about a dangerous love that’s accented by Bad Channels’ percussive production. Download it below.

(via Complex)

Her full-length is due soon. Her debut mixtape ,Haha, I’m Sorry, was a recent Mixtape Of The Week. Also, check out her very charming recent Turntable Interview.

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  1. Would be a good song if the lyrics didn’t make me cringe. The production is nice, though.

  2. Inb4 the shitstorm

  3. Shitty Pryde. Awful, blatant, hipster shit.

  4. Pretty clever reply song to Analog by Tyler, the Creator. I was going to say that it also remind me of Why? and what do you know…Yoni approves the song (check his twitter).

  5. really? I hope MARVEL doesn’t find out…

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