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Twin Shadow’s awesome, biker-gang-related video for “Five Seconds” is based on fiction that George Lewis, Jr. himself wrote called The Night Of The Silver Sun. Recently, the first two parts of the novel surfaced on the web, via Eliot Aronow. Here’s what it’s like:

They call it the Night of the Silver Sun because the days before the flash were so dark, the clouds so dusty, that it felt as if the night had descended forever. Later, what looked like a lunar eclipse seemed to part the clouds and fill the sky with a brilliant display of color, an orgy of pastels and neons. A reveling burst of inexplicable sound echoed as the entire world swelled and seemed to pause. A quiet rain fell for a while, and a silence spread across the land. Then the moon was sucked into the sun, sending down a flash of glowing silver.

It’s garnered rave reviews already! See:

Read the whole excerpt here and look for Part 3 in Eliot’s new Our Show print issue, available now..

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  1. I love love loved the new Twin Shadow record. It’s great. Hook after hook, lyrics that perfectly fit his vibe and the tunes, wonderful production. It’s a top three record for me this so far this year…

    …but this sounds fucking AWFUL.

  2. Good to know this guy is a dick. It’s not enough for him to dislike a book, he has to publicly voice his personal opinion to put someone else down. Cloud Nothings plays shit music anyway, maybe form a good band and then you can criticize someone.

  3. 50 Shades of Shadow

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