M.I.A. In Studio 2012

As Billboard points out, M.I.A. has been answering fans’ questions on Twitter today and, in the process, making some announcements about her next album, Matangi. She says it’ll arrive in December and that it’ll come alongside an autobiography, a documentary, and an art exhibition. She also says that it won’t have any collaborations and that she’ll only work with producers “that don’t act like fame whore coloniser,” which seems like it might be a shot at somebody. She describes the album’s genre as “paul simon on acid” and says that she’s still working on the LP: “could be 5 [songs] it could be 15 depends on what sounds good in my bros CAR.” Below check out a possible partial tracklist.

M.I.A. - Matangi Partial Tracklist

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  1. She’s clearly taking a shot at someone. This is M.I.A. we’re talking about.

  2. She can release an album that’s simply “Bad Girls” fifteen times in a row, and I’d be happy with it.

  3. ha…hope this shit is totally busted..just like her career. mia is such a boring little whiny phony…good riddance

    • Bad girls was a huge hit, and her superbowl performance was better than woodstock – I don’t think TruffFries is going anywhere other than to the top of the truffle fry pile with an extra truffle on top

  4. No idea which producer she could be taking a shot at.

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