Animal Collective - Centipede HZ

As promised, Animal Collective will be streaming their new album, Centipede Hz, in its entirety tonight on their weekly online radio show, following Geologist’s mix of songs that inspired the LP. We’ve already heard (and seen) “Today’s Supernatural” so it’s probably about time we figured out what the rest of this record’s deal is. Is it as weird as Deakin stated it would be? Only one way to find out — let us Prematurely Evaluate together below like a family. Head over to the streaming show to jump in on the broadcast and tell us what you think.

Here’s the tracklist so you know how to refer to the songs once it starts:
1. “Moonjock” – 5:04
2. “Today’s Supernatural” – 4:18
3. “Rosie Oh” – 2:57
4. “Applesauce” – 5:34
5. “Wide Eyed” – 5:00
6. “Father Time” – 4:35
7. “New Town Burnout” – 6:01
8. “Monkey Riches” – 6:46
9. “Mercury Man” – 4:18
10. “Pulleys” – 3:31
11. “Amanita” – 5:39

Centipede Hz is out 9/4 via Domino.

UPDATE: You can stream the album, track-by-track, at the band’s website now.

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  1. “ya we were thinkin of doing something like a Bad Company/Kansas sound with hints of Pink Floyd ya i know we’re pretty weird LOL all our friends tell us that “

  2. I feel like such a nerd being so excited over this. Love the kick off with vintage Pink Floyd- “Astromine Domine”


  4. so far i’m feelin it, though not very animal collective-y.

    sounds like something you’d find on the B-Music/Finders Keepers label for sure. like freak-out international spacey lo-fi stuff. wild

  5. I think mines in spanish

  6. Listening to this mix, I feel like I’m at a musical festival waiting for the headliner to come on. Feels magical y’all.

  7. There better be at least this much Saxophone on the actual album later…

  8. damn this is a sexy mix

  9. …you sexy minx

  10. My refresh button’s already getting tired

  11. Whats the tracklist of these jams so far? really digging the mix

  12. Lunchtime Monday in Australia, gonna try and keep the air-bongos to a minimum so I don’t get kicked out of the office.

  13. y aint they got no hip hop up in this joint? if they got sum spainish the shure better have dat hip hop shwag.

  14. Are these mixes/radio stations downloadable? this is great

  15. The album better live up to this mix, because this mix is pretty damn fine.

  16. if these are the tunes that inspired the new album, then hurrah; it’s piquing my interest even more than it was already piqued!

  17. Sexy mix. I make love to you.

  18. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  19. Choosing between listening to this and watching Breaking Bad is difficult. :/

  20. I keep clicking the side banner by accident. Tricksy Stereogum…

  21. This mix is a like a nice long handjob.

  22. here we go… brain explodes

  23. IT HATH BEGUN!!!!


  25. The production is sooo hot. It’s like Kanye on steroids.

  26. shits funky af. in a gud way

  27. So. Much. Buffering.

  28. Oh shit, this is the album- Okay, I’m not talking to my roommate for the next hour- he made me miss the beginning.

  29. This seems like it isn’t really happening

  30. Looks like I’m finally getting around to liking this song. Because I can’t stop singing along.


  31. Damn, Today’s Supernatural feels much more like a single next to Moonjock.

  32. Also, because I’m listening to this without the aid of drugs, I’m going to go ahead and avoid watching the video along with the stream because it’s scaring the shit out of me.

  33. love that little singing sun dude…lelelelelet gooooooo

  34. ohh hey Panda… was waiting to hear from you

  35. oh shit Panda back on his grind



  38. Rosie Oh/Applesauce ftw. The opening to Applesauce is some of the most infectious shit they’ve ever done.

  39. one thing is for sure: AC does not give an F.

  40. Beach Boys;Vegetables::Animal Collective;Applesauce

  41. Damn, Applesauce is killer.

  42. best so far.

  43. Oh man, Applesauce leaked for like 2 seconds a few days ago and I missed it. It feels great to finally hear it.

  44. applesauce is such a great song

  45. The fruit with faces thing…why does that match this perfectly? Oh yeah, because it’s Animal Collective.

  46. This is a great song (Applesauce).

  47. i missed Deakin… can actually pick out guitars here.

    that was the best track thus far

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