Daniel Johnston Soundtracks Axe Commercial

This ad for Axe Body Spray operates under the premise that the first thing women see, while sizing up the opposite sex, is a man’s hair, and the first thing men see are a woman’s breasts. It’s a bit of a crude sentiment, but when you compare it to the Axe ads of yore, it’s downright chaste. Oh, and it’s scored by Daniel Johnston’s classic “True Love Will Find You In The End.” You know who could use some Body Spray? Space Ducks. Watch it below.

I still prefer the Kiefer Sutherland voiceover, however.

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  1. i saw this on television last nite… made me laugh so hard. also ruined my nite.

  2. Guarantee you that his management made this move for extra money in their pockets and not Daniel Johnston.

  3. i use that exact hair product, but my life is more like the Daniel Johnston song Grievances.

  4. Not a bad commercial.

  5. Hair is overrated. …T_T

  6. i can safely say that daniel johnston management did this because Daniel likes tits.

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