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Q: What do you call someone who hangs out with musicians? A: A drummer!

If you’ve spent enough time hanging out with people in bands, you’ve heard a million jokes like this. But as it turns out, banging on things is potentially way more lucrative than anyone could’ve realized. Celebrity Net Worth recently published a list of the 30 richest drummers in the world. And maybe it’s not surprising that Ringo Starr could buy and sell all of us several times over, or that many of the richest drummers are people who figured out ways to stop being drummers (Dave Grohl, Phil Collins). But how in the hell is Aerosmith’s Joey Kramer worth $100 million? Check out the full head-spinning list below.

01 Ringo Starr (The Beatles, $300 million)
02 Phil Collins (Solo/Genesis, $250 million)
03 Dave Grohl (Nirvana/Foo Fighters, $225 million)
04 Don Henley (The Eagles, $200 million)
05 Lars Ulrich (Metallica, $175 million)
06 Charlie Watts (The Rolling Stones, $160 million)
07 Larry Mullen, Jr. (U2, $150 million)
08 Roger Taylor (Queen, $105 million)
09 Joey Kramer (Aerosmith, $100 million)
10 Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers, $90 million)
11 Travis Barker (Blink-182, $85 million)
12 Stewart Copeland (The Police, $80 million)
13 Alex Van Halen (Van Halen, $75 million)
14 Nick Mason (Pink Floyd, $75 million)
15 Tommy Lee (Motley Crue, $70 million)
16 Bill Ward (Black Sabbath, $65 million)
17 Jon Fishman (Phish, $60 million)
18 Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band, $55 million)
19 Rick Allen (Def Leppard, $50 million)
20 Tre Cool (Green Day, $45 million)
21 Danny Carey (Tool, $40 million)
22 Tico Torres (Bon Jovi, $40 million)
23 Max Weinberg (Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band/Conan O’Brien, $35 million)
24 Mickey Hart (The Grateful Dead, $30 million)
25 Bill Kreutzmann (The Grateful Dead, $25 million)
26 Neil Peart (Rush, $22 million)
27 Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters, $20 million)
28 ?uestlove (The Roots, $16 million)
29 Steven Adler (Guns N’ Roses, $15 million)
30 Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac, $8.5 million)
(via Celebrity Net Worth)

Let’s just take a minute for the fact that Steven Adler played on one and a half Guns N’ Roses albums, that he’s been generally unfamous and making the Celebrity Rehab rounds for the past two decades, and that he’s still worth $15 million.

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    • lol could have been top 10 if it wasn’t for that solo album

    • Neil Peart $22 Million?? Must be a mistake seeings as how he writes the lyrics to every song for the past approximate 40 years. Some one mentioned Ginger Baker….. he’s broke and near penniless. Bruce and Clapton netted the majority of money since they wrote the lyrics and melodies.. Watch the Ginger Baker documentary on netflix.

      It makes me ill that Lars Ulrich is worth so much money, he is a pathetic excuse of a drummer.

      How is Dave Grohl worth so much… from Nirvana or Foo Fighters ?? I guess being in TWO popular bands pays very well.

      Nowadays the newer drummers have attorneys who actually read contracts, compared to the older drummers like Bill Ward, Nick Mason, Ginger Baker who were all exploited and robbed in the 60′s and 70′s.

      Who do you think has sold more music Pink Floyd or Metallica ? I say Floyd but ,, I’m guessing Metallica has better legal representation.

  1. ?uestlove being worth 16 million bucks really makes me happy. Now we need to get Steve Shelley a TV gig and all will be right.

  2. I would have thought Nick Mason would be much higher than that.

  3. Can Lars shut up about Napster now?

  4. What’s Napster?

  5. How does Phil Collins get listed as solo/Genesis while Don Henley is just listed as Eagles? Have these motherfuckers heard “Dirty Laundry”?!?!?!?!? “The Heart of the Motherfucking Matter”???????? “BOYS OF SUMMER”???!?!?!?!?!??!? Jesus Christ someone needs to take Don Henley’s solo career seriously because I sure as shit do.

    • New York Minute? Shangri-La? The End of the Innocence? All She Wants to Do Is Dance? Each album was littered with the hits the people didn’t just want but needed

  6. Only a drummer would compile this list.


  8. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • No but between his houses, investments, property, cars, clothes, collectibles, etc PLUS the money he has in the bank, I’m betting that’s about right.

    • It’s pretty common to talk about people in terms of what they’re worth….

    • Adler has songwriting credits on all his G’N'R work. Everytime you hear Paradise City or Welcome to the Jungle, Adler gets paid (as opposed to just being a performer, where royalties are paid when the record is bought).

  9. Surprised to see Fleetwood right at the bottom. If only he got fees for his namesake.

    • That one struck me too. Granted, Fleetwood Mac hasn’t had a smash in years, but still, with career longevity alone, you would figure he’d be much higher on the list…

    • Mick doesn’t have many songwriting credits from the band’s heyday, which is why, unlike a lot of people on this list, he doesn’t earn as much when he’s not actively performing. Steven Adler, by contrast, is credited as a co-writer on everything from “Appetite” and “Lies”.

  10. I think I’ll go download Metallica, probably “I Disappear”, on Napster, using my Windows 98 Compaq PC. C-ya.

  11. How is the drummer from Tool on this list but not Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins).

    I hope he didn’t shoot all his $ up his arms.

    • Because Tool has been active more consistently over their 20+ years, touring and putting out albums. Also, he probably makes a lot doing drum shows and appearances as he’s by far the best drummer on this list.

  12. could you guys have possibly drummed up a dumber list? *ba dum chhhhh*

  13. OK now I am convinced the invisible hand of the free market is infallible, because clearly the 30 richest drummers are also the 30 best.

  14. re Mick Fleetwood, it’s net worth not earnings. Read Mick’s autobiography, he blew a fortune on coke and bad real estate investments.

  15. steven adler? That’s pretty impressive as i believe he got his pink slip from GnR after appetite right? for being a junky eh?

  16. Maybe Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason isn’t as high because he doesn’t perform anymore, etc. while his old bandmate Roger Waters just did a massive tour and has like $150 million. I don’t know. But yeah, some of these names and numbers are surprising.

  17. Neil Peart only worth $22M?

    Who makes up with this shit?

    • For me, it was Adler’s worth and the convenience of the Dead’s drummers being right next to each other that screams THIS LIST, LIKE MANY CELEB WORTH LISTS, IS MADE UP BULLSHIT. They don’t have real access to these people’s funds.

    • Well, ten years ago that would have translated to around CDN$38M. (Now it translates to something like CDN$22M.)

  18. No surprise about Ringo, but I have some:
    “Killer” Beatles And Stones Songs…And More “Rock and Roll Minutiae”

  19. so it’s fair to say that Dave Grohl keeps all Foo Fighters to himself since Taylor Hawkins only worth $20 million.

  20. Alex Van Halen!!!!!!

  21. Why would Joey Kramer NOT be worth $100 million? I’m pretty sure Aerosmith is wroth $500 million and I’m pretty sure they’re an evenly divided entity (other than when they work with people like Diane Warren… ugh!).

    • People down vote the strangest things. And it has no meaning. Use .12 percent of you brain and actually write something insulting. At least that would have some entertainment value, or some small chance of drawing the ire of the original poster. But down votes? Nah. Meaningless.

      • That downvote was inevitable; there’s a lot of huge Diane Warren fans commenting on Stereogum. I talked shit about “Because You Loved Me” in a Swans thread a while back and ended up in the week’s five worst comments.

  22. Rick Allen has $50 mil.? Man, I’d give my left arm for that kind of cash.

  23. Rush needs to be in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame….

  24. ya know who deserves more money? chad sexton. that’s who.

  25. Mick Fleetwood is surprisingly low. Then again, coke.

    • Songwriting credits = publishing rights. If they band did not split their songwriting/publishing evenly then they don’t split the money they make on those songs evenly. With all the different songwriters in Fleetwood Mac bringing in their own songs over the years I would guess Mick didn’t get credit on those. Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie likely did very well.

  26. Where’s Jimmy Chamberlin on this list? If Billy Corgan has a net worth of 50 million according to that site then Jimmy has got to have at least half or third of that. And Mick Fleetwood…there’s no way that dude is worth only 8 million.

  27. according to that site, bill berry is worth $30 million. guess the list doesn’t include farmers who used to be drummers…

  28. Ringo is awsome! been a fan all my life…Luv the fab 4, But where is Billy Cobham? not on this list . Not all drummers are created equel…

  29. Will Champion of Coldplay is missing, he’s got to be in this list.

  30. If not for Phil Collins up near the top, one could make the argument that the least talented are the highest paid. (eg Dave Grohl, Ringo Starr, Tool drummer…) Also, Portnoy from Dream Theater should be NUMBER ONE. Can anyone try listening to (and buying an album of) a DECENT fucking band?

  31. Richest drummers Well not one is a Jazz Cat or real R&B Funk Player as David Garibaldi and Jazz its and Art Form not flavor of the month there maybe 5 drummers on that list I would consider true drummers most are very very lucky HAM&EGGERS Bashers noise makers who don’t have a clue about their instrument most a PUKES of LIFE Period OVER RATED EGO CENTRIC MANIACs ,The True Great Drummers arw the cats who are hungry strieving to better their craft not these 4 on the floor MORONS

  32. Richest…..full stop. Musicianship not a factor here.

  33. No Matt Cameron? No Meg White? No Ginger Baker?

  34. how is joey kramer worth 100 million? 40 years playing for one of the top rock and roll bands of all time and not being an idiot. that’s how. fucking tool of a comment right there.

  35. Gif test 1, 2

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