The Killers - Battle Born

The Killers have been on the road playing new material from their forthcoming Battle Born, which of course includes the big first single “Runaways.” Now, they’ve posted the entire thing online so people can see what Battle Born’s deal is. Stream it at iTunes. Werner Herzog will direct their upcoming episode of Unstaged, a live broadcast of their 9/18 gig in the Bronx.

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  1. Here’s the view that Brandon Flowers had while making this album:

  2. Hmm, apart from the jaunty as fuck “From Here On Out” none of these songs grab me.

  3. I thought the first 7 songs or so were good and then it just fell off.

  4. the killers are kind of on this path where i liked almost all of their first album, half of their second, a third of their third…i still like it when they hit the mark though

  5. That Battle Born logo reminded me of something…

  6. While I’m listening I can’t help but think it’s shit, but I kind of like it anyway. Oh you Killers, always slapping up us in the face with your grandiose Springsteen ways, yet making it somehow catchy and enjoyable anyway.

  7. I came into this wanting another sam’s town. just some good, ol’ fashioned Steenerbowl stage slide penis inspired americana. Isnt’t that what it’s all about? But, where Brando pulled a real “Kele” and put out a “meh” solo album, I was a little worried about getting a “Four,” not to say that ol Four hasn’t grown on ol donnatellatitty, but it aint no silent alarm. Where am i?

  8. I downloaded it. The Killers have been my favorite band for about the past 6 years.
    Haven’t been this excited in a while.

  9. I’m personally more for the Grey-Mane clan

  10. Werner Herzog, Not Warner Herzog.

  11. I liked it. It seems like they were hungry and really went for it. Granted, the lyrics are classic Brandon Flowers cheese, but this is a fun record. The middle is a little weak, but it starts and finishes strong.

  12. No, I won’t.

  13. thats a horrible record cover

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