Frank Ocean 'SNL'

Last night, Frank Ocean performed on the first episode of Saturday Night Live’s new season, which was hosted by Seth MacFarlane. If you’ve been dying to see John Mayer rip a solo on “Pyramids” while Frank fiddles with the on-stage arcade games, today is your lucky day. Watch the performances below.

Frank also dropped the official video for “Pyramids” on Saturday.

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  2. Good job, you guys! You managed to mention Seth Macfarlane without expressing your hatred of him!

    Also, I thought both his performances last night were solid.

  3. frankie KILLED it. shout out johnny, obvs (and 4ever).

  4. I want it noted that I want Frank’s jumper really really bad!

  5. It’s like they didn’t even notice the audience, which made for a pretty nice little performance. Dude’s got a killer falsetto too.

  6. Pretty good, I liked it better than his MTV performance though the second half of Pyramids isn’t nearly as effective without the first

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