Sister Crayon - "Cynic"

Sacramento indie poppers Sister Crayon will put out a new EP later this fall, and today the group let go of a spectral, meditative cut called “Cynic.” Here’s lead singer Terra Lopez with some context:

“Cynic” formed as more of a prayer or mantra that I ended up humming to myself at times when I needed to calm myself down. The song turned into a confessional type of thing where I address my absent father, my lover, and myself. It’s just me trying to figure out how and why I do the things I do, or why I react the way that I do (emotionally, etc) and how the past inevitably fits in and fucks with you.

Download it below.

The Other EP is out later this fall. Sister Crayon figured prominently in the Sacramento edition of Area Codes.

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  1. I don’t know why more people aren’t listening to Sister Crayon cause they’re pretty cool. Sort of like a more subdued (and granted, less interesting) Portishead.

  2. Well Portishead sucks major balls so I guess that should answer your question. I was about to download this track to but due to your little comparison, FUCK THAT!

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